Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Alone At Sea: Deep On Emotion

Steven and Greg take Lapis on a boat trip out to sea and find themselves in dangerous water.

SPOILER ALERT. Sorry but it’s hard not to review this episode without spoiling it. It features the return of Jasper. She is back and wants Lapis to fuse with her so she can become Malachite again. There are a lot drama which results from this unwanted return.

First there is Lapis dealing with some of the choices she has made. Her past contains a lot of mistakes she is trying to deal with. She does feel very bad for some of the things she did last time and this is shown through facing her those she wronged. This is actually her first time properly meeting Greg, who was injured during the rampage she went on after breaking out of the mirror she was kept in. It’s a bit awkward to say the least but luckily Greg is not one to hold a much of a grudge.

Then there is Lapis dealing with her relationship with Jasper. Its very interesting how the creators decided to frame this discussion. From they way Jasper returns it feels reminiscent of an abusive relationship where one person is begging the other to take them back. It really seems this way because Jasper manipulates Lapis by insisting she is the worse out of the two of them. Lapis already had a lot on her plate and Jasper’s reappearance didn’t help with much. Still, Lapis did find a way to get her point across about how she felt.

This is a really intense episode and shows Jasper hasn’t changed at all but Lapis just might. Now if she could find a way to come to terms with her past and move forward she might have a chance at finding her place on Earth. Maybe if she were to find someone else to fuse with.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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