Review: ‘Steven Universe’: 3 Gems And A Baby: Birth Of Understanding

Greg tells a story about his first winter with Steven.

Greg crashes on the coach because of a blizzard and then starts into another flashback. From there, this episode helps to answer one of the biggest questions which has come from taking the harder look at this series as a critic: Why have the Crystal Gems taken so long to adapt human culture? Why haven’t they tried to understand and learn about the world they live in and fight so hard to protect? It’s only in this episode does it all make sense. It’s not in their nature.

The Gems come from a culture which doesn’t adapt well to change. Rose Quartz and her rebellion was a totally new concept, one they had never seen before which is probably why they were willing to go along with it. Their culture has been exactly the same for countless years. Now compare the Gem culture to Human culture and you’ll find a big discrepancy. Our culture isn’t the same as it was a millennium ago, heck it’s barely the same as it was twenty years ago. With new inventions of technology and improvements in science and medicine, human culture is able to move much faster, on a pace many ever thought possible. Looking at it like this, it’s easy to see why an alien race, even one which had a lot of time on the planet wouldn’t be able to properly understand it all and take it in. Just when you think you have everything properly cataloged and managed, change would keep coming.

Just as the Gems found it hard to understand what baby Steven was and why Rose made the choice she did, it was hard for this critic to understand why characters who hadn’t been around for so long couldn’t adapt. With this new look into the series (on top of the sweet and tender moments this episode provided), one of the biggest puzzling aspects of the show has been solved. Now all fans have to do is wait for the next episode which by the look of it may not come until sometime next year. Still, this one was heartwarming enough to keep everyone happy until more comes.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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