The Spider-Geddon event had a lot of story to tie up in one issue. As a result, SPIDER-GEDDON #5 is extremely fast-paced once the climactic battle gets rolling. Still, it's an ambitious conclusion to the story, setting up some interesting developments for our myriad Spider-people in 2019 and beyond.

[Review] SPIDER-GEDDON #5 is a Frantic, Yet Fitting Finale

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Spider-Geddon #5 presents the culmination of the year’s big Spider-event. The Inheritors and the Spider-army faceoff for a climactic battle, with ramifications that will impact—and spawn—multiple Marvel titles heading into 2019.

With Spider-Geddon, reading the tie-ins coming out each week has been pretty integral to the story. That is certainly true here, with the plot of Spider-Geddon #5 relying heavily on the Spider-Girls, Spider-Force, and Vault of Spiders limited series. Though the story wraps up neatly, it can feel overwhelming with with so much information flying at you.

The Writing

The writing in Spider-Geddon #5 is on-par with Christos Gage’s work on the series up to now. The first third of the book focuses on Octavius’s plan to sacrifice Scarlet Spider…and how that pans out for Jennix, who gets the pleasure of digesting years of convoluted Clone Saga continuity.

The bulk of the issue consists of the final battle sequence, in which Gage is just throwing everything at us. With so much story to wrap-up in a single issue, the pace is set to full-throttle throughout. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does have its downsides. The finale can feel a bit anticlimactic with the pace at which it’s wrapped up. For an event pitched on the scope that Spider-Geddon was, the end seems to come with a lack of fanfare.

One of the more interesting points of Spider-Geddon #5, though, involves a member of the main spider-cast who ends up crossing a line you’d never expect. It’s hard to see how this could have ended any other way. However, there’s a clear sense of moral conflict in the act. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the character’s development going into post-event continuity.

The Artwork

No fewer than six different artists contributed pencil and ink work for Spider-Geddon #5. However, the team manages to pull together to produce a solidly cohesive look.

The work is kinetic throughout, clearly conveying the action in each sequence. With so much on the page, it could be easy to get lost in the chaos. You never feel like you’re unsure of what’s conveyed, though. Panels are arrayed in a dynamic manner, but they flow smoothly from page to page.

The colors provided by David Curiel are similarly on-point. Rather than sticking to a consistent palette, there’s a wide range of approaches and techniques on display in Spider-Geddon #5. We get gray and muted tones, vibrant, eye-catching pops of brightness, and everything in between. This helps underscore the vibrant line work and fast-paced storyline, without giving us a sense that tones are clashing.

Final Thoughts

Spider-Geddon #5 is a fitting send-off to the big event. While not perfect, I’m content with the finale. Plus, I look forward to how the ramifications play-out in ongoing series.

David DeCorte
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