SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ANNUAL 2020 was an intense and exciting read.

Review: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ANNUAL 2020 And The Metal Pandemic

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ANNUAL 2020, on sale in comic book stores Wednesday, July 8th, is a packed issue filled with six mini-stories. Each intriguing story features a different prominent character reacting to their own world’s pandemic.

Stories: Writing and Artwork

Big’s Big Adventure

Writer Ian Flynn, penciller and inker Jonathan Gray, and colorist Reggie Graham bring readers an offbeat tale featuring Big, the lovable cat well-known in the series. Readers join him in his recollection of a search for his best friend Froggy after the two’s recent estrangement. We see Big navigate an increasingly chaotic landscape, seemingly unaware of the destruction around him.


Darkest Hour

Evan Stanley, writer and artist of this mini-story, features Nite the owl in a spin on classic zombie stories. We watch the charismatic radio DJ refuse to leave his post after the late hours of night (much to his janitor Don’s chagrin). The contrasts between the owl’s brightly colored office with the dark shades outside are the perfect juxtaposition.


Caleb Goellner, Aaron Hammerstrom, and Reggie Graham put together Reflections, a short but powerful tale for Metal Sonic. The Blue Blur’s antagonist reviews footage of his battles with his counterpart, shaking with anger. But when he watches Sonic come in contact with a dubious metal substance, Metal seems to have some other thoughts.

Eggman’s Day Off

Eggman’s Day Off, created by Sarah Graley, Lamar Wells, Bracardi Curry, and Gigi Dutreix, directly follows the previous story. We watch as Dr. Starline marvels at the growing spread of the metal substance and it’s increasing control over the populace. But when Eggman reveals his greater plans, the duck may have some second thoughts about his boss.

Flock Together

Sam King, Jamal Peppers, and Priscilla Tramontano offer up an action-packed story featuring the Chaotix. Espio and Vector plan a rescue mission for their partner Charmy. Readers will feel the team’s heartfelt determination to rescue their friend from the ever encroaching substance.

The Catalyst

Dutreix and Abigail Bulmers’s The Catalyst is the last mini-story of the issue. Jewel the beetle shows she’s a capable leader by helping the President of the Sonic Fan Club. But when they find more people hurt in search of Club members, readers will brace for the situation to grow from bad to worse.

Each of these mini-stories were lettered by the talented Shawn Lee, whose fonts brought a sense of cohesion to this different stories.


SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ANNUAL 2020 was an intense and exciting read. We’re anxious to learn more about the substance in subsequent issues.

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Corey Patterson
Corey Patterson
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SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ANNUAL 2020 was an intense and exciting read.Review: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ANNUAL 2020 And The Metal Pandemic