No rest for the heroes thanks to fast and detailed fight scenes.

Review: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #30 Doesn’t Slow Down

Sonic The Hedgehog #30 by Ian Flynn, Priscilla Tramontano, Heather Breckel, and Shawn Lee doesn’t let the heroes take a break after saving the world from the Zombots. After such an intense arc, you’d expect the issue to be filled with foreshadowing through dialogue and reflection. Instead, the reader is treated to adrenaline-filled action scenes to set up future events.


The Metal Virus Saga is over, but that doesn’t mean things are back to normal. As the world begins picking up the pieces, who will be missing? What villains will escape? And who will go back on their word?

Sonic The Hedgehog


Despite this being the issue after a major event comes to an end, there is no time to decompress. Few panels feature characters standing around the entire time talking and reflecting on the apocalypse they just prevented. Instead, The Deadly Six find a way to remain a thorn in everyone’s side and prove a problematic threat for the resistance fighters who want to take the time to count their blessings after the entire world being overrun by the metal virus.

Ian Flynn’s use of the Deadly Six showcases he’s a writer who doesn’t like to hand easy wins to the protagonists. Instead of simply showing the Deadly Six being captures and taken away in a few simple panels, Flynn shows just how credible a threat the team is even without the Chaos Emeralds powering them up. Also, Dr. Eggman manages to stir up some trouble as well by having Metal Sonic cover his escape.

Sonic The Hedgehog


With Priscilla Tramontano on art, the action scenes offer an intensity the reader is able to feel. The highlight of the issue comes as Shadow The Hedgehog faces off against Metal Sonic. The panels convey how both fighters are forced to push themselves to the limit as battle one another.

The colorwork by Heather Breckel adds to the look of the action scenes but also conveys a sense of emotion to the characters. The joy and happiness of the characters freed of the metal virus are on full display and is a heartwarming sight. On the other side the coin, the colorwork showcases the damaged characters take as the action unfolds.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The letters by Shawn Lee helps to add bits of personality to the comic. One of the best examples is when Knuckles does a “He’ll be back any minute now” line about Sonic early in the issue. The line is repeated a few times in the comic until its delivery comes off as Knuckles pleading for Sonic to show up because he is worried about him.


Sonic the Hedgehog #30 is still good even as Ian Flynn winds down his run on the series. Still setting up plenty of problems for the next creative team to cover. The issue stands as a testament to show the characters are in need of a break. Hopefully, the next two issues will finally give them some kind of a break as Ian Flynn finishes his run.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Review: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #30 Doesn’t Slow DownNo rest for the heroes thanks to fast and detailed fight scenes.