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The new Sonic The Hedgehog series from IDW Comics spends its third issue reintroducing the fan-favorite frenemy Knuckles the Echidna to the story, along with two original characters named Rough and Tumble. Will these new additions keep the book on track or derail it?


Sonic meets up with Knuckles and finds a town being bullied by a pair of skunks named Rough and Tumble.


Writer Ian Flynn starts off the issue by nailing the dynamic between Sonic and Knuckles. A perfect “best friends who may throw down every once in awhile” setup is spelled out in just a few panels. This relationship has been one of the driving forces in the entire Sonic franchise for years and it’s inspiring to see it is getting just as much attention as it ever did previously.

The issue also features a decent introduction of new characters. It’s good to see it won’t simply be the characters which have only appeared in the games. The joy of the original Archie series was the introduction of comic-exclusive characters and how they had a way of shaking up the characters here and there. The only question is if some of the beloved characters introduced in Sonic SatAM will make an appearance or not. Here’s hoping as the world needs more Bunnie Rabbot, Princess Sally, and Antoine D Coolette.

Sonic the hedgehog


The artwork seems to synchronize with the previous issues of the series and yet harkens back to the Archie series. This makes perfect sense as artist Jennifer Hernandez used to work on the original series. The introduction of Rough and Tumble feels like the two characters have been around much longer thanks to the art style.

Heather Breckel really makes sure to add little tiny details with the color working. The details like eye color and action effects seem to pop off the page thanks to the attention paid to the colors.

The letters by Corey Breen helps to allow very energetic scenes play out. The introduction of Rough and Tumble are especially punctual thanks to the lettering work.


The new series continues its journey without losing any of its steam. The new villains are fun, the old characters are classic, and the energy feels just as good as it ever did. This is what Sonic The Hedgehog comics should feel like.