REVIEW: Shomin Sample ‘Just Friends’ – The girls (awkwardly) get close

Kimito wakes up to Hakua in his bed. From there the two of them make breakfast before Hakua has to return home. The rest of the girls are jealous of the relationship the two are having and try to bond with Hakua. They feel it’s unsuccessful but Hakua says she was hanging with “just friends” as she leaves. Afterward Reiko and Aika work on their relationship a bit more but it’s far from smooth.

This episode finally showcases more of Eri Hanae, Kimito’s friend who doesn’t exactly live up the squeaky clean idol image she showcases to the public. How bad is she you ask? She actually has a huge ego and is really only angry with Kimito’s disappearance because because she no longer has anyone to boss around. Charming individual isn’t she?

There are also more moments with Hakua getting naked which are unsettling at times. The gag is supposed to be comical but the character looks far too young to be taking any amount of clothes off without administering a feeling of awkwardness which is backed up with a small bit of fear the FBI may bust in any moment and raid your place for what your are watching. There are worse shows out there, even this season which are being far more sexual (*cough* Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid *cough*) but the gag is old after only two episodes and there is still the better part of a season before this show is over. This joke will be driven into the ground by then.


So, the show continues. Again, this is a harem comedy and not one which is going to break any molds with its creativity. Unless of course it turns out to be a romantic comedy which will only happen if the main character picks a girl by the end of the series. Unfortunately, the manga for this show is still running in Japan so that’s probably not going to happen by the end of this season. So, the show trudges forward, leaving pieces of girl’s underwear in its wake.

Shomin sample is simulcast streaming from Funimation.


Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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