In case you thought the first issue might be a fluke, SHARKY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #2 demonstrates that this is a series worth reading. Millar's storytelling is great, as is the color and pencil work from artist Simone Bianchi. Highly recommended.

Review: Interplanetary Road-Tripping in SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #2

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Sharkey and his traveling companion, Extra-Billy, are on an interplanetary road trip in Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #2.

The pair makes a pit-stop for Sharkey to track the notorious terrorist Edra Deering. However, Sharkey’s rivals and former allies are out to make like hell for him any way possible in this energetic follow-up to the series’ stellar debut.

The Writing

Millar does an excellent job with Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #2, developing much of what he introduced in the first issue. There, he established a lot of the characters and the world, giving us a solid narrative footing. Here, we flesh-out the relationships and dynamics between different individuals, specifically between Sharkey and his fellow(?) bounty hunters.

Sharkey and Extra Billy bickering their way across space occupies a large portion of the book. But, by the issue’s end, the two manage to develop a bit of a rapport, and even bond a bit. The dynamic between the two characters could easily fall off the cliff into annoying. However, Millar manages to keep their interactions genuinely charming in Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #2.

We discover a bit more about Sharky’s past, and his abilities, through his interactions with other bounty hunters. The writer plants story threads to develop later, like alluding to a double-cross that left him broke and living out of an ice cream truck.

The Artwork

Like the writing, Simone Bianchi’s artwork takes what was good in the first issue and doubles-down on it. The different cityscapes and species are a visual treat, and Bianchi presents everything with dynamic energy and great flow.

Bianchi again handles both color and pencil work for this issue. It’s hard, at many points, to distinguish the two (that’s meant in the best way possible). The book blends dreamy, watercolor-styled images with detailed illustrations, reinforcing the alien tone. Everything is incredibly vibrant.

Final Thoughts

Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #2 takes everything that worked in the debut issue and pushes it along. Excellent storytelling and artwork in what is, probably, one of the best new comics of 2019 so far.

David DeCorte
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