Review: Sakurako-san Episode 5 – Still Just Decent

This episode of Sakurako-san wasn’t as good as the previous, but it’s still better than the three before it.

Sakurako-san Episode 5 Spoilers

Turns out that build up from the previous episode had more long-term effects than I was willing to give it. It was my biggest fear that this episode would the worst yet, because it would only explain the mystery set up before, but it was surprisingly… decent.

We still got our Bone Parade segment (speaking of which, we didn’t have one last week. Yay!), and we got the bogus explainey bits from Sakurako, but after five minutes of it the show moved on! It was nice, there was cake, Takeshi was about to quit smoking, all was happy. Until Takeshi tried to commit suicide (shock!) seriously, I figured that out long ago, and unlike Sakurako I didn’t need a dog to do it. Does that mean I deserve my own mystery-show based on a terribly written light novel? I’m waiting producers! Seriously though, the slow pace has certainly helped Sakurako-san more than it hurt but the mysteries need to be a bit more… mysterious to work.


On the bright-side, Sakurako adopted the dog, so that’s something. Also a villain-type character has just been set up. A rivalry between bone-addict Sakurako and evil-painter … uh? He doesn’t have a name yet so… let’s just call him Painter-Boy. So I’m pretty sure Painter-Boy will show up soon, he was even the topic of discussion in an after credits scene, so that’s nice. But honestly, is Painter-Boy’s involvement means more multi-part arcs I am very willing to let him stay. It’s thanks to him these episodes have been watchable, something Sakurako-san couldn’t do before.

Sakurako-san Episode 5 Body 1
Oh Sakurako-san, at least you’re still gorgeous

I’ve been pretty harsh on this episode and show over all, but this episode did some great things. It overcame what could have easily become the worst episode yet, and it set up something that might mean it stays at this level of quality. If the show stays this tolerable I won’t actively try to avoid it (why do you think last weeks was late?), and that makes my job easier. So thank you, Sakurako-san, keep it up! Or I’ll be severely disappointed…

GJ Corban
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