Review: Sacrifice#1 What do TimeTravel , Aztecs , and Joy Division Have in Common? This book

Sacrifice #1 of 6

Writer : Sam Humphries

Artist: Dalton Rose

Review Score : 7.5 / 10

Every time I see you falling , I get down on my knees and pray”  and with that chorus from New Orders “Bizarre Love Triangle ” Sam Humphries introduces us to the world of Sacrifice . Those lyrics actually hold a lot of weight to what happens over the course of this issue .

We are introduced to our main character Hector  after he has just left the Psychiatric Hospital. His friend Violet picks him up and takes him to get 99 cent tacos , and Hector reveals to Violet he hasn’t been taking his meds. Which is a problem because Hector is epileptic and has seizures  .

During these seizures Hector seems to Travel back in time to a strange world , which slowly we are introduced to as an ancient Aztec Civilization . After Hector has a near death experience with a wandering tribe , they notice that he has a tattoo on his back . The Aztec Tribe decides to spare his life and introduce him to their Emperor . Humphries does a good job slowly building tension in the past with the Aztec Gods and Hector while also peeling back layers of story in the present. Showing us that Hector actually had a huge interest in Aztec culture as a child during a flash back with his father makes for a nice character moment to Hector since we get little time to learn about his character in the present. It also explains why Hector who is now all grown up would get a tattoo of  ancient Aztec Tribal art.

Humphries does a good job creating a very surreal experience for the reader , your never sure if Hector truly is Time Traveling during his Epileptic Seizures  and its almost reminiscent of Donnie Darko in the way it has you interested in its plot even if you don’t know where its going.

Dalton Rose’s artwork is very colorful and reminds me of Charles Burns . Its simple yet there is alot of creativity shown with facial expressions . He completely cuts lose during the Time Travel / seizure scenes . The whole book feels fresh , and interesting . The Aztec civilization has alot of detail in it and I appreciate the time that was taken truly giving each warrior their own look and design. The Colorist Pete Toms is definitely the unsung hero of this first issue . Each page is beautifully rendered with very bold choices of color .

One issue down and I’m very interested to see where this is going . Hopefully next issue actually has some Joy Division references in it, aside from the Cover being a nice Take on”Love Will Tear Us Apart” there is no Joy Division to be found . If your looking for something unique and different to read for a change check out Sacrifice.

Mike DeVivo

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