Review: ‘Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers’ Episode Eight

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Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode Eight: Adelet at Knifepoint

Hans is poised and ready to kill Adelet, but instead of just going for it, he tries to get Adelet to admit the reason he is the seventh brave. Adelet insists that he isn’t the seventh, and uses a smoke bomb to escape. Fast-paced action ensues as Adelet tries to figure out how he can defeat Hans, who is a genius at combat.

Braves of the Six Flowers Episode Eight: Adelet's Trick SwordEventually, Adelet throws down all his weapons except for his sword, knowing Hans would be analyzing everything and looking everywhere…except at his sword, because he is a genius and doesn’t need to look at the sword. It turns out that the sword is Adelet’s trump card, and Adelet launches it from its hilt and knocks the weapon from Hans’s hand.

Braves of the Six Flowers Episode Eight: Hans and Adelet FightingAfter some discussion, Hans accepts Adelet as the seventh…then announces HE is the seventh! I was about to be really disappointed in this series, but it turns out Hans just wanted to make Adelet hallucinate his own death because a dying face doesn’t lie. Adelet’s expression was of a man who lost everything in that moment, and so Hans declares him a true Brave and becomes his ally. Thank goodness. I really don’t suspect Hans at all at this point.

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode Eight: Flamie and Maura

Flamie and Maura make it to Adelet’s campsite and of course he isn’t there. Flamie continues to lie to protect him. Maura mentions hearing about a village taken by fiends, confirming some of Adelet’s story although she doesn’t know it. Flamie tells her that it wasn’t her personal responsibility, which causes Maura to warm up to her. It seems as though Maura is trying to win Flamie over before telling her to kill Adelet on sight. Considering she was the voice of reason before, I can’t help but wonder why she’s suddenly so keen on killing him.

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode Eight: Nachetanya and Goldov
Even Goldov thinks she’s acting weird.

Nachetanya tries to find proof that Hans is the seventh Brave, but of course is unable to do so because we all know he’s not the seventh Brave. Goldov is hurt that Nachetanya won’t believe him over Adelet. Nachetanya puts him in his place by essentially calling him a lovesick child who is currently putting his feelings before his duties. I wonder now, if Nachetanya isn’t the seventh Brave, if she actually suspects Goldov and not Hans. Either way, she’s probably just trying to keep him away from the temple.

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode Eight: Hans and Adelet

Hans and Adelet have arrived back at the temple and are trying to investigate who the eighth Brave is and how they entered the temple. Adelet suggests it must be a Saint with some heretofore unknown powers. He is distracted in the middle of dusting for fingerprints (at least, that is what it looks like) by a noise outside and thinks someone is coming. Hans reassures him. We never get the results of the fingerprint test because Hans asks how the barrier is activated, as he was never told. This makes Adelet realize he has to ask Chamo something, as she is the only other person who didn’t get the information about the barrier. I’m wondering if she gave away somehow that she knew in a previous episode.

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode Eight: Chamo's Vomit Swamp

Adelet wanted Hans to go ask Chamo the question, but they are lured out of the temple by Chamo herself. She doesn’t give a crap if either of them are the seventh Brave or not. She’s just gonna kill everyone else (except Maura) because she thinks she can take care of the Demon God herself. She proceeds to barf up a swamp filled with fiends before Adelet can ask the important question he has. Congratulations, Chamo! You win the Grossest Brave Award!

Adelet and Hans are in way over their heads and find themselves surrounded pretty quickly, mostly because Chamo’s fiends are treated as if they are Saints by the temple. She tries to get Hans to kill Adelet, but Hans refuses, so the battle will continue next episode.

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode Eight: Chamo has Hans and Adelet Surrounded

Final Thoughts

Gee, wasn’t there a question earlier about how the fiend Adelet talked to got close enough to the temple? Seems awfully convenient that there would be fiends somehow getting through the temple’s protections when there is a Saint who can produce fiends immune to the temple. It seems plausible that Chamo could have been trying to lure someone into the temple to be the scapegoat, especially with the flower symbolism from last episode. As an aside, would someone please tell Chamo that frequent vomiting rots your teeth?

I still don’t trust Nachetanya. I don’t think she has any reason at all to suspect Hans. If she isn’t lying about being the seventh Brave, she’s lying about who she suspects, perhaps to test Goldov.

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