Review: ‘Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers’ Episode 9

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'Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers' Episode 9 - Hans and Adelet

Quick Rundown

Adelet and Hans are at a loss as to how to defeat Chamo for a bit. Essentially, to defeat her Adelet had to come up with something that nobody else had done before. He does this and Hans disables Chamo. They tie her up and ask her if she knew about the barrier before she got there. She says no.

Adelet meets with Flamie and tells her he thinks the seventh Brave raised mists to make it look like the barrier was activated before it actually was. He surmises that they had Lauren lie to all the others about how to activate the barrier, and it got activated while everyone fiddled with sword later. Flamie says this is impossible because the only way to cover the entire forest with fog is a barrier, and since a barrier was already set up there, placing a second would be impossible. Adelet convinces her not to kill him by reminding her that she would be the next suspect once he’s dead in the event that he is not the seventh.

Maura goes back to the temple and convinces Hans and Chamo they’ve been had.

Nachetayna explains to Goldov that Hans knew she was a princess all along but pretended not to, and that is why she suspects Hans.



The action scene with Chamo was the best part of the entire episode. The action is just so fun and I do wish there was more of it and less standing around and talking. I still think this is probably better in it’s original light novel format.

I do not think Adelet is mistaken about being misled about the barrier activation. He is just looking at it too narrow-mindedly. Perhaps the forest wasn’t covered in fog at all. Perhaps it was an illusion? For a moment I thought it could have been Hans since he showed talent with illusions, but I don’t really think he could have gotten everyone in the group unless he was a Saint, and only females can be Saints. However, there could still be a Saint of Illusions who is the 8th Brave Adelet thinks exists, perhaps helping out the 7th Brave. Man. I really don’t want it to be Hans.

Why does Adelet take Chamo’s word? If I were the bad guy, I’d have said I didn’t know about the barrier, too.

Adelet and ChamoAs for everyone fiddling with the sword after the fact, I think Nachetanya had the most suspicious attempt, ending with her breaking a piece of it (possibly so it couldn’t be reversed). However, there doesn’t seem to be a way for her to get word out to Lauren to lie about how to activate the barrier. Someone else would have had to do it for her. And I still find it suspicious that Goldov thought all her whininess lately was strange. He would know her best. He is in love with her, after all!

As for Hans knowing that Nachetanya is a princess, that could be explained by him having taken jobs assassinating people in Piena. Or he could have just been using it as an insult. It’s not a very good hypothesis at all. Ever since they made it to the temple, I’ve wanted to slap Nachetanya every time she opens her mouth. And then she makes Goldov look at her cleavage, knowing that he’s in love with her. Ugh.

Jennifer Valure
Jennifer Valure
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