A decent starting point for the Robotech saga but the art is the real redeeming facts.

Review: ROBOTECH REMIX #1 Builds On Dana’s Adventure Out Of Time

A new chapter begins in the Robotech series with Robotech Remix as Brenden Fletcher puts focus on a Dana Sterling from another universe with the help of Elmer Damaso and Marco Lesko providing the artwork. Will the time displayed pilot be able to deal with making sure she doesn’t destroy the universe in the process?


As Dana struggles to find her place, a new enemy arrives and Max may have found a way to send Dana home.



It’s hard to personify the overall product on display here. It is simultaneously a direct continuation of the previous series while at the same attempting to keep the information simple for readers who might be using this as a starting point. Does it succeed? Kind of, what is presented here is a decent jumping-on point. But it still feels like more enjoyment would be had if the reader was up to date with the previous material.

Brenden Fletcher seems to have a story in line, but it feels like it will appeal to more hardcore fans of this franchise over the newer readers. The blatant callouts to characters introduced in the limited released sequel, Robotech II: The Sentinels are rampant. While it’s exciting and welcoming to have these characters be updated. It makes it a bit hard to not read this issue without having to pull up the Robotech Wikia and check to make sure you’re not missing a character introduction or Easter Egg.



The artwork is the real draw of this issue. Elmer Damaso does a fantastic job with the emotional expression of the characters. The indecision and uncertainty Dana is feeling is made vividly clear by the artwork employed. Also, Max looks dapper in his captain uniform.

With Marco Lesko providing the colors, the issue gets plenty of great action moments. The sci-fi and battle effects capture the eye from page to page. The two-page splash, when an alien craft appears out of nowhere, is a monumental moment to behold.

The lettering work by Jim Campbell adds a good dynamic of delivery with the storytelling. The sound effects are on point as well and add a perfect audio element to the issue.



Robotech Remix #1 is a good starting point, but the easter eggs and references drag it down. Credit must be given to Titan Comics for not rehashing the original Robotech stories, but it seems like the book is intended for the more hardcore fans. Still, as long as the story surrounding Dana flows smoothly, then Robotech Remix will be an essential installment for fans of the franchise.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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A decent starting point for the Robotech saga but the art is the real redeeming facts. Review: ROBOTECH REMIX #1 Builds On Dana’s Adventure Out Of Time