Review: ‘Red Hood And The Outlaws’ #2: Undercover Blues

Dark Trinity” part 2! Red Hood’s investigation takes a painful turn when he encounters a mysterious woman named Artemis! Outmatched by this powerful Amazon, Jason’s only hope for survival is finding a common ground with his attacker—that is, if Artemis gives him the chance!


Man, Red Hood’s investigation not only takes a painful turn, but it nearly implodes on him. Between holding his punches while fighting Artemis, and Black Mask about to leave him to fight against her alone, there is a good chance this plan is going to fall apart very quickly. It’s a wonder if writer Scott Lobdell really intends to keep Red Hood on this mission for very long, but the setup in the first issue and the Rebirth issue made it seem like he was going to be on this path for ages and people should just get used to it. It’s gonna be a bit of a let down if it’s over in the first five issues.

Also the third member of the trio is finally introduced. Not really going to put a spoiler on it because he was featured prominently on the cover of the first issue. Still, his appearance doesn’t really help to move things along at all.

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Red Hood And The Outlaws


Good detail work by Dexter Soy especially with the opening which helps to look at Artemis’ origin. He seems to rely on a bit too many speed lines to try and convey the scenes are moving very quickly. Still, a very visually impressive effort on his behalf.


It’s a solid series but the overall story is on shaky ground already. This isn’t a good thing since it’s only the second issue. In the previous issue Black Mask was lamenting about Gotham and how he had big plans for the city. Now it’s starting to feel like the plans are going to fall short.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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