Review: ‘Reborn’ #3 – Millar And Capullo Deliver Incredible Storytelling

Bonnie Black is an elderly woman living out her last days in a care home. Although visited by a loving granddaughter, surrounded by friends, and filled with memories of a happy life, Bonnie still fears dying. Prone to strokes, she goes to sleep wondering if she will even wake up. But what Bonnie Black doesn’t know is that death is just the beginning…after her death, Bonnie finds herself in a bold, dangerous, and unfamiliar new world. But Bonnie is not alone, as everyone from her past life exists in the new realm, some are friends, some are family, some are enemies, and some are something much worse.

Reborn #3Reborn #3
A Millarworld Book
Image Comics
Written by: Mark Millar
Art by: Greg Capullo
Inks by: 
Jonathan Glapion
Colors by:  
Fco Plascencia
Created by: Mark Millar and Greg Capullo


Three chapters in and Reborn has lost no momentum. The story continues to move at such a great and even pace; it’s simply cinematic. Mark Millar continues to build on the world of Adystria, adding new elements and details with every issue. Here, we learn that even animals and pets crossover and are reborn, yet evolved to be not only anthropomorphic but magical as well. It’s a great way to add creatures and new species to the story, but at the same time keeping the bizarre twist that makes this comic so unique. The introduction of Bonnie’s cat as a villain is great and is a character I can’t wait to see more of.

We also start to meet more people from Bonnie’s previous life on Earth, and how they fit into this new realm. In particular, we meet Bonnie’s best friend, who is now a Fairy Queen, and a far cry from the religious person she was made out to be before. That detail makes you question those people we have already met and what role those left to be introduced will play (I’m thinking specifically about Bonnie’s still absent husband, who I am sure is going to figure in a big way.)

The book also continues the modern dialog and tone that gives it the feel of movies like Ladyhawke and A Knight’s Tale. Those two aspects work well together and make Reborn so much more accessible. Like most of Millar’s works, you can give it to both comic nerds and non-comic fans as well. It’s just great entertainment.


I can’t say enough about the beautiful art. I have admired Greg Capullo’s pencils since he took over the drawing duties on Spawn many years ago. And of course, his run on Batman with Scott Snyder is already considered a classic. But his art here is brighter, more energetic and pops more. Credit HAS to be given to the inks by Jonathan Glapion and the colors by Fco Plascencia. These three bring the story to life and create some of the most inspired designs in recent fantasy comics. Everything from the architecture of the cities and castles to the look of the monsters, dragons, and costumes is pitch perfect. They are able to meld medieval looking landscapes with vehicles and weapons out of a cyberpunk fever dream. It makes me think of stuff you would see in Metal Hurlant magazine, but with a distinct “American Blockbuster” feel. I find myself staring at the gorgeous panels after I had already finished the issue.


If you are looking for a comic that will transport you, entertain you, move you and leave you wanting more, then go ahead and pick up Reborn. It’s one of the most purely joyful and readable comics on the shelves now, and also one of the most unique. Image and Millarworld have indeed done it again.

Manuel Gomez
Manuel Gomez
Assistant Comic Book Editor. Manny has been obsessed with comics since childhood. He reads some kind of comic every single day. He especially loves self-published books and dollar bin finds. 'Nuff said!