Joe Hill's narrative is as startling as it is engaging. We're drawn into the mystery of the worm creatures just as we're repulsed by their goriness.

Review: PLUNGE #5 Uncovers A Terrifying Scheme

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PLUNGE #5 hits comic book stores on Tuesday, July 28th, and it promises to give readers some answers. The team of divers have just learned the secret of the zombie-like crew from the Derelth, and it’s not for the faint of heart. They are actually dead, but extraterrestrial worms have taken over their corpses to further spread their kind.


Once cracking open their books, readers are brought to a moment of tension—one in which the salvage crew must reckon with the plotting of these worm-like creatures. And surprisingly, they were able to hatch a plan that would have lead the crew to a locked hatch in the Derelth. 

Though Gage Carpenter discovered this secret, it’s clear the crew has no idea how to unveil the creatures’ true intentions. That is until Russell Gage volunteers to use his psychic-fueled headphones to dive into their minds.

Unfortunately, the young diver finds more than he bargained for in the motive behind the worms. One that could alter the fate of the known world.

Joe Hill’s narrative is as startling as it is engaging. We’re drawn into the mystery of the worm creatures just as we’re repulsed by their goriness. The safety of our protagonists is at the forefront of most readers minds, but many of us can’t resist probing the depths of this extraterrestrial threat.


Stuart Immonen’s penciling and ink work, David Stewart’s coloring, and Deron Bennett’s lettering added just the right flavor to compliment the narrative. The dark shading applied to each panels adds to its mysteriousness. Each of the zombie creatures’ forms are outlined by wavy lines in front of these shading backdrops, which helps them stand out more prominently. And the word balloons are placed in such a way as to guide the reader through each terrifying scene.


While PLUNGE #5 answered many questions, it also gave us dozens of new ones. How did these worms get to Earth? Why are they so interested in spreading their kind? We’re eager to find out.

What was the biggest surprise for you in this issue? Let us know in the comments below!

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