Review: ‘Outcast – All Alone Now’ Even A Mediocre Episode Is Better Than The Rest

In the new world of storytelling that’s the ten-episode cable series, networks need to treat a season like a boxing match. The first episode of Outcast comes out strong with a complete story and leaves the viewer wanting more. Episode two goes into Kyle Barnes’ origin and you get a good sense of how broken he is and his fight for understanding. A slower paced episode, but needed for essential information to move the plot forward, and it has a great closing scene that excites you for the future of the series. Episode three does not add to the series and feels like a filler episode, which is disappointing because the show only has seven left.

‘All Alone Now’ starts off with a brutal opening sequence that sets the episode up for a deeper look inside the demons that crossing over to this earth. This episode falls flat and doesn’t reveal information to progress the story. With that said I was frustrated with the episode, and so were the characters. Which means that was the goal of director Howard Deutch for the episode.


What works for the show and also frustrates viewers is our point of view is from the side of ‘good.’ We can not see what the demons are up to. There are several mysteries building up and the information collected so far is not bringing them together.

1. Why are the demons invading Rome, West Virgina?
2. Why do the demons want Kyle Barnes?
3. Who is the leader of the demons played by Brent Spiner?
4. What happened to Reverend Anderson’s son?
5. Is Barnes possessed by a demon?
6. What is the mystery that Chief Giles is covering up?

Outcast – All Alone Now

Lee Tergesen does an excellent job as the newest demon (Blake Morrow) introduced in the series. With these type of characters, you can see the actors let loose with their dark-side and enjoy their acting craft. The way the episode ends it will be interesting to see if the Reverend and Kyle revisit Blake in the future.

The cinematography and the score are amazing once again. This show gives me chills and puts a dark twist to my dreams after watching an episode. Even an average episode of Outcast is better than 95% of the shows on today.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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