Review: NAILBITER RETURNS #2 Continues the Series’ Momentum

This second issue of Nailbiter Returns out this week from Image Comics continues the momentum of the first issue, and provides a thrilling tale that engages the reader.

Written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated Mike Henderson with colors by Adam Guzowski, Nailbiter Returns follows Alice — the daughter of the Nailbiter — on a quest to find her mother, who has recently gone missing. The art is exceptional and perfectly compliments the story as it unfolds.

Nailbiter #1 Cover

Nailbiter Returns #2 Story

The story of Nailbiter Returns #2 continues the quest of Alice to find who is responsible for her mother’s disappearance and does an excellent job of keeping the readers engaged. While the issue opens with a separate story from Alice’s that features characters we are unfamiliar with, it eventually connects with the main story in a clean and satisfying way.

The most interesting technique used in this issue of Nailbiter Returns is when the story subverts the readers’ expectations. There are moments when scenes are set up to allow the reader to assume what events occur but are directly contradicted later. This allows the issue to be filled with fun twists that are sure to catch the reader off guard.

Nailbiter #2 Preview


The pencils and inks of Nailbiter Returns are clean, and the semi-realistic art style is great for getting across exaggerated emotions while still keeping a serious tone. Gore and violence also maintain the same horrific impact they would have if the art style were hyper-realistic.

Most scenes in NailBiter Returns are filled with color, which not only makes them a pleasure to look at but also causes panels devoid of color to stick out and possess an eerie feeling. One scene in NailBiter Returns #2 depicts extreme violence, and the colors chosen are all very bland beside the vibrant red of blood. This is very effective and emphasizes the traumatic nature of the scene.

Gradients are also used heavily throughout Nailbiter Returns #2, mostly as backgrounds. This is a pleasant change from many of the single-color backgrounds seen in other comic books because the variety of colors provides more for the eye to look at. In terms of story, these gradients serve to calm the reader and relieve tension, tricking the reader into a false sense of security before shocking them with a horrifying scene.


NailBiter Returns #2 is a brilliant issue that is clearly created by people who know what they are doing. The storytelling and artistic techniques used to surprise the reader or put emphasis on certain scenes are all extremely effective and come together to create a truly thrilling tale. The continuation of the mystery surrounding Alice’s mother is engaging and keeps the reader turning the pages. This issue is a phenomenal read and exciting for what could occur in the rest of the story.

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David Weber
David Weber
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