Review: ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ #11: Otherwordly


The gripping other world where evil has one shows a place fans will need to see to believe.
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Billy and Tommy are left powerless and trapped in a strange new world. Jason and the rest of the team must do all they can to track down their missing friends and bring Zordon back.


One of the best aspects of this series is how it tries to ground the Power Rangers in a mature story, which couldn’t have been done in the original show. In this issue, Billy and Tommy’s parents, realizing their children didn’t come home last night decide to call the police and file missing person reports. This is just in the first two pages and already the reader is gripped by what is happening, because the pair won’t simply be able to get out of this with a “got caught up in a school project” excuse. Actions have consequences and it makes reading every issue so very entertaining.

From there, the book focuses on the hellscape world Tommy and Billy are now stuck in. Without giving away too much spoilers, evil has won and the world is now under Rita’s control. Also, the mysterious villain of the previous issue is named. He is called Lord Drakkon and the Rangers of this world did everything they could to stop his rise to power. It’s starting to look like this storyline will help serve to introduce a different way for the series to introduce the Thunderzords. The issue offers little action but the atmosphere is so gripping it definitely makes makes up for it.

Power Rangers


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The art team of Hendry Prasetya and Matt Herms really go all out in this issue. They put a lot of gritty and dark but realistic look into this new world. There a lot of great panels which really help to captivate the reader, especially when the pair find the Command Center. It will leave many fans filled with shock and awe.


Even with little action, this issue is a page turner. Watching Tommy and Billy explore a chaos filled world in search of answers was incredible. This series continues to deliver the best possible stories with these characters. Everyone needs to stop what they are doing and read this issue.

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