MIDDLEWEST #18 was the conclusion readers have been waiting for since this unprecedented series began.

Review: MIDDLEWEST #18 Wraps Up A Beautiful Fantasy Series

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MIDDLEWEST #18, available in stores Wednesday, July 22nd, concludes Skottie Young, Jorge Corona, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, and Nate Piekos of Blambot’s original series. After seventeen issues, Abel’s journey has come full circle with the reappearance of his father Dale.


Sensing his son’s distress, Dale ventures to Raider Farms, arriving moments after Abel’s tornado form unleashes itself. The two engage in what appears to be a battle, but Abel is the only one who’s fighting. And for good reason. We feel the young boy’s rage at the man who caused him so much pain.

Young’s writing is full of heart. The reader finds themself feeling the rage, pain, and sorrow that lies between this father and his son. Their exchange is so believable one might find themselves questioning whether the characters are real life human beings.


The rip-roaring action in this issue is brought to life by the talented artists involved in this issue. Cornoa’s penciling and ink work, combined with Beaulieu’s coloring, stock this book full of engaging illustrations. The once orderly rows of crops on the farm are caught up in the swirling reads, oranges, and dusky grays of the two tornadoes in brilliant fashion. What’s more, Pikeos’s fonts are placed in such a way that they appear to be caught up in the chaotic winds. These illustrations, when viewed all together, offer readers an amazing visual representation of the narrative.


MIDDLEWEST #18 was the conclusion readers have been waiting for since this unprecedented series began. The end, while satisfying, leaves open plenty of room for new possibilities.

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