Review: ‘Micronauts’ #5: Shrinks Back

SEARCH FOR THE TIME TRAVELERS! OZ says he knows where they are… but does anybody know what finding the secrets of the TIME TRAVELERS will mean for MICROSPACE… and for Earth?


After an impressive previous issue, this one stumbles back on its own faults. The heroes come back into the picture and more of their personality can be explored, but nothing really comes from it. Instead, there is simply more exposition, but not anything memorable from the characters.

The classic rule of writing could come into play here. It says show, don’t tell. One of the best examples comes from the character Oz. It’s been established he is related to the Time Travelers and may have information which both of the Barons could find useful. Instead of showing the torture and having the readers grow attached to the characters, he’s simply dropped back in the prison cell and the story continues without time for the characters to truly shine.



This issue is lacking in any of the glorious two pages splashes of battle which were present in the last issue. The art is serviceable but not exceptional. There just isn’t enough action scenes to really showcase the talent the art team has at their disposal. There is a panel or two in the issue which are memorable but this isn’t the best work that artist Max Dunbar has delivered.


This book is barely standing on its own and now it’s about to be a part of IDW’s crossover event, Revolution. All things considered, this doesn’t fill fans with a sense of ease. Maybe interacting with the other titles may help it, but there is a better chance of this book being overshadowed by some of the other books such as Transformers or G.I.Joe. Unless of course the book can find a way to finally rise to the occasion.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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