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Mech Cadet Yu, the creator owned series by Greg Pak and published by Boom Studios, has been incredible. All it needs to do now is make sure it is able to bring home a memorable ending. Does it succeed?


In the final issue, a sacrifice must be made to save the entire planet from alien destruction.


Considering this is supposed to be the end-all-be-all for the series, there seems to be no mention of some of the things which were hinted at in previous issues. The idea of the alien race had some type of backup and were in possession of advanced technology beyond their means is not brought up. This is a small plot hole, but one which many hoped would be addressed.

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The real joy of this issue is the lasting effect which comes after the battle is over. There are moments of silence and reflection which stay with the reader after you finish reading. Greg Pak has a bit of a rushed ending to the war but a very emotional second half of the issue. Still, the feelings are much more powerful and impactful which make for an excellent final issue.

Mech Cadet Yu


There are a lot of great art moments which helped to accentuate the ending especially. There are many panels which are silent, and instead use great detail to help sell the emotion which are playing through. The artwork by Takeshi Miyazawa helps to leave a lasting impression.

The colors by Raul Angelo adds an intense amount of gravitas to the action scenes. Explosions and blasts flow through every panel like well choreographed movie.

The lettering work by Simon Bowland helps to deliver the impact which makes the finale stick so well. Even though the panels without dialogue have just as much of an impression, the lettering plays a huge role in bringing this story home. Especially to help with certain characters having a few bits of much needed closure between one another.

Mech Cadet Yu


Honestly, this issue simply seems like this is ending of a chapter and not a complete closing of the series. Looking back it almost feels like Greg Pak is intentionally leaving just a few bread crumbs to try and hint at the possibility that there could be more in the future. As if these characters could be used again, but this installment of their journey is done. This would be a great thing to see. Perhaps there could be some type of time skip and Yu and his team could be featured as older pilots out and investigate the possibility of there being more between behind the aliens. Seeing more of these characters and this creative team would be a very welcomed sight.