THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #1 is a solid beginning for the new series. It has some hiccups, but readers can probably chalk those up to settling into the new story. Based on the talent behind the book, I have confidence in this new run for the character.
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Review: MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #1 Reestablishes a Fan Favorite

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Fan-favorite Kamala Khan is back in The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1, a new solo title from Marvel. Already, the new series’ creators promise some expansive adventures. So, even if you’re unfamiliar with G. Willow Wilson’s original run with the character, this is a good jumping-on point.

Kamala’s doing a decent job of balancing saving the day with the usual teenager stuff like friends, family, and school. However, things change when her secret is exposed to someone close to her, jeopardizing everything.

The Writing

The writing in The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1 is good overall. A lot of what made Kamala interesting and compelling translates into this new volume, and ultimately, that’s the most important part of launching a new title with an established character.

You get the impression that the creators intended this to be an easy-access point for new readers, but it’s something of a mixed bag. While it’s good to provide those jumping-on points, much of the book ends up dedicated to exposition as a result.

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The story opens on another planet far in the future, with a father telling his daughter the legend of “The Destined One.” This serves as a framing device throughout, showing how Kamala contrasts with her own legendary status for humorous effect. The framing in The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1 is fine; in fact, it provides some color to the story. Where the issues lie are mostly in the dialogue, some of which comes across as wooden and awkward.

That said, most of the book works. Saladin Ahmed is a proven writer, and whatever issues are present, you can probably attribute to it being the first issue.

The Artwork

The linework provided by Minkyu Jung and Juan Vlasco is dynamic and energetic throughout The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1. Figures convey a lot of natural, kinetic energy, occupying a wider-view in action sequences. In contrast, Jung uses more tightly-cropped frames for quieter moments, with lots of facial close-ups.

A lot of where the artwork shines is in the careful attention to detail in backgrounds and settings. Jung can employ meticulous detail, from wall textures to boxes on shelves. However, she wisely allows backgrounds to fade to focus the reader’s attention on characters when appropriate.

Colorist Ian Herring employs a lot of soft colors throughout. This works well for much of the book, though certain pages can feel a little less impactful when dominated by a single color scheme.

Final Thoughts

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1 is a solid introduction to the new run on the character. It has some issues, but there is more here that works than that doesn’t.

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