MAGIC #2 brings the world of Zendikar to life.

Review: MAGIC #2 Unveils A Murderous Plot In Zendikar

MAGIC #2 hits comic book stores on Wednesday, May 12th, bringing readers along on the mystery of a series of Zendikar assassination attempts. Readers will remember the brutal psychic damage inflicted upon Guildmaster Jace Beleren last issue, provoking further investigation into the assassins plans. Now the three planeswalker guildmasters must stay alive long enough to find out who’s targeting them.


Coming of off three assassination attempts has left our three heroes on high alert. Kaya, Vraska and Ral Zarek spend some time discussing what to do next.


Despite such disparate personalities, readers will find these unlikely teammates find a way to combine their investigative skills in unique ways. Their sibling-esque rivalries add just the right amount of flair to their interactions. Such fleshed out personalities bring the world of Zendikar to life.

Jed MacKay’s narrative is engaging and thrilling. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the lore or a newbie, this script draws you into its key elements. The suspense grows at a reasonable pace, leading to a direct attack on our protagonists. The thrills never end in this exciting story!


Ig Guara’s penciling and ink work presents readers with highly expressive characters, highlighting their unique personalities. Arianna Consonni’s coloring brings these individuals to life via brilliant displays of yellows, blues, reds, and greens, emphasizing the multifaceted guilds that find their home in Zendikar. In addition, Ed Dukeshire’s lettering helps us feel the energy from each character via varying font sizes and styles.


MAGIC #2 is a brilliant, drama-filled tale that hooks readers from the get-go. The amazing displays of sorcery are only matched by the depth of the mysteries.

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Corey Patterson
Corey Patterson
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MAGIC #2 brings the world of Zendikar to life.Review: MAGIC #2 Unveils A Murderous Plot In Zendikar