Review: ‘Kong Of Skull Island’ #6: Not The End

The two queens will fight to ensure domain over their new civilizations, while the Kongs must tear down the monstrous king of the island.


The Kong of Skull Island miniseries has reached its final issue. Wait! Turns out this series was so good it is now becoming an ongoing series. This is a welcomed sight given how much fun this book has been as a whole. It’s a shame it hasn’t been on more of the lists for best comics of the year.

Writer James Asmus delivers a good wrap up to the first arc of this new continuing series. A little too good actually as it really feels like the entire book can just end here and wrap up everything which has been introduced. This is no doubt due a bit of carryover from the original intention of it being a six issue storyline. Still there is a lot of elements and plots which can be explored upon within the setting of the world. Also, if possible, this book can serve to explore stories about Monarch, the organization introduced in the Godzilla movie, as Kong is scheduled to eventually face off against the King of the Monsters by 2020. This talk of more issues is already starting to sound like a very positive idea.


Kong of Skull Island


The art team of Carlos Magno doing illustrations and color work by Brad Simpson is yielding some very positive results. The facial expressions and body language of the characters are some of the best they have through the entire series. The rain effect which is present through most of the issue is a bit distracting, but not to the point it takes down the overall quality.


The shift from being a miniseries to an ongoing impacts this issue, but still results in a very good story being told. The new concept and setting which has been introduced is helping to flush out the mythology behind King Kong. It’s a welcomed sight for fans of giant monsters and individuals who enjoy exploring the world behind an iconic character. .

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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