Review: ‘Kong Of Skull Island’ #3: The Joy Of Chaos

Volcanic eruptions and political overtakings—the Kongs struggle against the horrors of Skull Island.


This issue doesn’t give anyone a moment to rest. After focusing more on the human drama in the previous book, this one mixes it in with the overall calamity which is befalling the island. The volcano isn’t going to settle down any time soon, which means the entire place has to be evacuated and they need to find a new home as soon as possible if they hope to survive. Writer James Asmus presents a perfect atmosphere which really captures the panic and terror of everyone as they scramble to find a way save themselves.

The human drama is still present as well, but doesn’t detract from the atmosphere. Ewata, having lost her husband to a political marriage is rightly unhappy with what is happening around her, but still is able to find a way to push through and do what is needed at the right time. She is really stealing the show and hopefully she will keep going strong as the mini-series continues.


Kong Of Skull Island


The art by Carlos Magno still remains at a level of impressive quality. Between the backgrounds filled with the island coming apart at the seams, and the anger, frustration, and fear which is gripping its inhabitants, the issue is captivating. It is possible to lose some of the characters in the panels but it’s also possible that this is what Magno was going for to help add to the confusion and intensity.


The series is going strong and doesn’t show any signs of letting up. The last few pages of the issue really leave the reader on the edge of their seat wanting more. With the series half over, all the team has to do is keep going with their current performance and this will become a series which not only appeal to fans of King Kong new and old but become an essential part of their collection.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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