KLIK KLIK BOOM #1 is a must buy!

Review: KLIK KLIK BOOM #1 Is A Bright Spot In The Darkness

KLIK KLIK BOOM #1 hits your local comic book store on June 14 from Image Comics. The first issue has me excited for the five-issue miniseries; exceptional art and color work cemented the bold and fun concept. Check out my full review below.

KLIK KLIK BOOM #1 is written by Doug Wagner, with art by Doug Dabbs, Matt Wilson drops the colors, and you will read Ed Dukeshire’s letter work.

About the series:
In Klik Klik Boom, readers meet Sprout, a mute assassin who communicates exclusively through Polaroid pictures. After being raised by her doomsday-prepping grandfather in the rolling hills of Idaho, Sprout has grown up with little exposure to other people, TV, or seen clothes outside of Army fatigues. Now she’s headed to the big lights of New York City to avenge her grandfather’s murder, but will the city’s mesmerizing glitz and glam help her succeed—or be the death of her?

Enjoy a four-page preview.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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KLIK KLIK BOOM #1 is a must buy!Review: KLIK KLIK BOOM #1 Is A Bright Spot In The Darkness