A gripping and fun issue full of amazing art and an interesting portrayal of the afterlife.

Review: KILLADELPHIA #8 – Exploring the Afterlife

Killadelphia #8, out this week, is another fun and gripping issue, full of fearsome vampires, entertaining violence, and a look into the world of Killadelphia‘s afterlife.

About the Book:
After John Adams was defeated, his wife, Abigail Adams, has taken over leading the vampires. They have already murdered the mayor to alert Philadelphia that they are still around, and now are setting their sights on a bigger target. Jimmy Sangster is dealing with the problem without the help of his undead father, who is exploring the afterlife in search of his deceased wife. All these plotlines come together to make Killadelphia #8 a captivating issue.

Killadelphia #8 Afterlife

Killadelphia #8 Story

The writing of Rodney Barnes in this issue excels at making you want to keep reading. We have the characters we have grown to love facing a new threat lurking somewhere in Philadelphia. The story is always captivating, and the tone of the story being a mix between a police mystery and a horror tale, makes it such a fun read for fans of either genre. The version of the afterlife shown in this issue is another thing that stands out. It seems to take inspiration from the underworld in Greek mythology, but the way the undead fits into the picture and its aesthetics are completely new, and it is an absolute pleasure to see this new take.

A very interesting part of Killadelphia #8’s story is how Barnes can balance three narratives, all happening at once. In this issue, we have scenes of Abigail Adams as she speaks to other vampires, Jimmy Sangster dealing with a disemboweled mayor, and James Sangster Sr. as he navigates the afterlife. These scenes are very nicely interspersed, and there is never a time when it feels one scene is being focused on too much or not enough.

Killadelphia #8 Abigail Adams


I have nothing but praise for Jason Shawn Alexander’s work on this issue. Every face looks nearly photographic, and his vampires always look cool and frightening. Killadelphia #8 is yet another beautiful showcase of Alexander’s talent. The art in this issue does nothing but make me want to pick up the next, and I have a strong belief that other readers will feel the same.

The colors of Luis NCT fit with Alexander’s line art incredibly well, and his little use of vibrant colors in Killadelphia #8 makes it more impactful when colors do appear. The dark scenes of the issue make it so that when blood is spilled, it pops out on the page; and effortlessly allows scenes full of bright colors to have an ethereal tone.

Killadelphia #8 Lettering Example

Marshall Dillon does a great job of having the lettering go along with the art. The color choice of pink for the backgrounds of captions pairs nicely with the red and black color scheme that comprises much of Killadelphia #8. Speech bubbles are very simple and get the point across, and the inverted color scheme of speech bubbles for characters is a good choice to demonstrate that they are otherworldly.


Killadelphia #8 continues the amazing story of the series. The series is so fun, dark, and violent that it’s extremely difficult to put down an issue once you have picked it up. Barnes does fantastic work as he continues to keep the story thrilling, and Alexander, NCT, and Dillon are there to back him every step of the way. Each person plays a vital role in helping Killadelphia become the stunning series it is now, and I can not wait to see where it will lead.

David Weber
David Weber
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A gripping and fun issue full of amazing art and an interesting portrayal of the afterlife.Review: KILLADELPHIA #8 - Exploring the Afterlife