Review: 11 Reasons ‘Justice League of America’ #7 Should Make Your Pull List This Week

"Is it an army you want? Or a team?"

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After last month’s defeat of the villain Aegeus, the Justice League of America have taken some time for themselves. Vixen and Ray continue their community efforts, Lobo lets off some steam in the only way he knows how, and The Atom and Killer Frost visit a museum in order to hopefully find out more about Killer Frost’s ‘heat sickness’ and the true nature and origin of her powers. But their efforts are cut short by the appearance of Terrorsmith, whom Atom and Frost will have to battle on their own.Justice League of America

Justice League of America #7
Written by:
Steve Orlando
Art by:
Jamal Campbell

Published by: DC Comics

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Although this issue is a step down in intensity from last month’s excellent chapter, it is still a solid entry in what is a refreshingly different and old school feeling JLA. By focusing on character beats and some quiet moments, Steve Orlando is able to flesh out these lovable misfits and ‘B’ listers into characters you want to read about every month. Read on for 11 reasons Justice League of America #7 should be one of your pull list books this week!

Justice League of America
Page from Justice League of America #7
  1. Steve Orlando continues to write a great, old school feeling narrative that feels almost like Batman and The Outsiders or John Ostrander era Suicide Squad.
  2. Jamal Campbell’s art is sleek, beautiful and expressive. It’s great for both action and drama.
  3. The budding relationship and dynamic between The Atom (Ryan Choi) and Killer Frost.
  4. Lobo’s bar fight scene. Classic ‘Main Man’ moment!
  5. “As if Lobo’d be caught in a museum” –Killer Frost
  6. The use of Terrorsmith, a cool underused character from the Bloodlines era! (Go the 90s!)
  7. Great use of Dr. Sivana’s time pills. Love obscure call outs like that!
  8. The relationships being built amongst the team. So many conflicting character types create such great moments.
  9. Killer Frost still being able to be brutal when needed.
  10. An appearance by Amanda Waller is always welcome (for us readers at least).
  11. “Oliver’s got a Robin Hood crush. We met in a street fight and we both have colors in front of our work names…you think I don’t recognize a strange date when I see one?” –Black Canary
Justice League of America
Page from Justice League of America #7

So final word? Not as bug shit crazy as the previous storyline, but it’s a nice, quieter moment that allows for some humor and character development. If you love oddball DC teams like the Outsiders or the ‘Squad, then this new Justice League of America is for you.

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