Review: ‘Justice League’ #2: Pulling Things Together

“The Extinction Machine” part two! Massive earthquakes shake cities to the ground as the ancient intelligence known as the Awakened takes control of the people of Earth, forcing them to turn against anyone with superpowers—including the Justice League! Unable to fight a war on two fronts, Batman asks for help from the one man he trusts less than anyone.


After the events of the first issue where the entire world got turned upside down, the team does their best to try to recover. There’s a lot going on right now but it makes the situation feel dire and more like the type event the Justice League would have to be called in to deal with. Points to writer Bryan Hitch for writing a story which really is worthy of team effort.

Also, after the stories which lead to this new Rebirth, it looks like Batman may have a problem with trusting the new Superman. This is just par for the course though as Batman seems like he always has to have a problem with at least one member of the team which he just can’t get along with. Seeing as how Hal Jordan isn’t around, it looks like he’ll have to settle for not liking Superman after the Convergence event.


Justice League


Artists Sandu Florea and Tony S. Daniel really pulled out all stops when making this issue. All of the heroes look perfectly beaten down and rough around the edges in very eye catching ways. The large panel of Flash grabbing all of the alien creatures all at once is a great use of effects to show just how fast he is and how much is happening all at once. They both need to keep up this level of impressive work from here on out.


This new story really feels like a true catastrophe has befallen the Earth and only the Justice League will be able to take care of it. With all of the new changes which have been going around it’s nice to see, people can still count on the them when the chips are down. Feels epic

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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