Review: ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’: Season 4: Episode 8

Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 1

This episode of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure introduces a character known in the anime community as a Yandere. This is a term used for a character who is sweet and devoted to someone on the outside but in actuality has an insane violent streak in them. This split personality usually makes itself known if they think the object of their affection is being mistreated by someone else or if their feelings aren’t being returned properly. Yukako Yamagishi is a Yandere and unfortunately for Koichi, she wants him to be all hers. Poor guy.

The episode trades the action from previous episodes for comedy as everyone has very entertaining reactions to the idea of Koichi having a date with Yukako. It still has intrigue though as Yukako’s powers are put on display and she is shown to have the ability to control her hair at will. Not only does it allow her to wrap people up but she can also embed some of her hair in others and control them. This allows her to take her revenge against a girl she thought was being mean to Koichi and let her full Yandere self come out. Tip: Do not anger this lady!


Thanks to the comedy of Koichi having one of the worst date’s in anime history, this rather slower paced episode still has some redeeming factors to it. Hopefully the plot will move a bit more and there will be some hint about who is reallying running the show in their town. At the very least the action will return as Koichi will have to do everything he can to get away from his crush. Except the episode did mention how Stand users are bound by fate to be drawn together, so it might not be very easy to get away from her.

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Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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