REVIEW: ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’: Season 4 Episode 3

Following up an perfect episode is hard. The worst thing a series could possible do is do a clip show to really insult the fans by having the next thing after a phenomenal episode be something a studio does in an effort to cut corners. In this episode though, it’s mostly exposition to open up the world a bit as a new element is introduced into the story.

Rewriting the past a bit (most people know this as a Retcon), it’s revealed people are able to manifest their own Stand power by being shot with an ancient bow and arrow which belonged to the witch Enya, Dio’s trusted helper. Thanks to this new element, anyone who is shot with it (and doesn’t die) can get their own powers and become a nuisance to Josuke and his friends. This means serial killer Angelo is just the start of a new batch of super powered individuals with crazy abilities we will see this season.  

A pair of antagonists are also introduced but it’s obvious from the opening one of them is going to be joining Josuke and becoming his buddy to help with later enemies so it’s hard to become worried about the consequences. Still, this series always has insane story lines and people producing incredible powers to keep things going so even on a duller episode, it’s still very entertaining. This one just has the unfortunate luck of being the follow up to one of the best single anime episodes in a long time. Also, it is a two parter so hopefully more action will be coming in the second half as Josuke has to rescue Koichi who just got hit with the power granting arrow. Cross your fingers it doesn’t kill him so he help Josuke fight. Hmm, a short guy whose best friends with the overpowered main character in a fighting anime? Sounds familiar.

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Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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