Review: ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable’: Episode 12

Chili Pepper Part 2

After realizing how Chili Pepper will be able to kill Joseph Joestar even while he is still arriving by boat, the team split up in an effort to stop him in time. This leads to Josuke fighting against a man who wants to kill his father. Is it possible for Josuke to defeat a being who has insane electrical powers and is able to move in the blink of an eye?

After the dull return of the Chili Pepper, this episode takes the time to make up for it by finally having an all out brawl between his controller and Josuke. Akira Otoishi, Chili Pepper’s Stand user, arrives wielding a guitar which he plays like a pro. If you are asking why a bad guy brought a musical instrument to the fight instead of a weapon, remember this is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, this kind of thing happens every episode. As a matter of fact, his behavior is tamer than a majority of the characters this series has introduced this season. Sure he’s on a mission to assassinate someone but at least he has more ambition than simply killing on his mind unlike the first villain of the season, Angelo.

The episode has a very touching moment near the end where Josuke finally meets up with Joseph, his estranged father. Considering there are so many animes where characters have wayward and absent fathers, it always entertaining to see a moment of bonding like this. It warms the heart and helps to top off a pretty action packed episode. From here thought the show will have to reveal who is really pulling the strings in the background and show who really is possession of the bow and arrow which causes people to manifest Stands.

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Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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