An issue which puts the vulnerability we all feel into perspective and makes you feel good for remembering not to give into how try to tear you down.

Review: ‘Jem: The Misfits’ #2: Speaks To Everyone

OUR SONGS ARE BETTER Part Two! The band is getting a whole new taste of fame via an intrusive “MISFITS!” reality TV show and it’s pushing on everyone’s most vulnerable buttons – none more so than Stormer — who’s reliving her early days of fame and the nasty things that came with it. How did Stormer not only survive but blossom in the often toxic court of public opinion? And will she be able to do it again?


Since the beginning of the original Jem comics series by IDW, the main focus of Stormer as a character has primarily been on her relationship with Kimber. This issue takes the time to focus on who she is and examine one of the biggest problems she tackles. It’s one which many can relate with. It’s the concept of the cruel view the world has outside appearances.

The issue focuses on Stormer’s hesitation to sign the contract because she has dealt with negative criticisms based solely on her appearance. Despite her wonderful personality and the beautiful music she writes, the world around her continually reminds her how her appearance doesn’t fit into a stereotypical mold of beauty. Writer Kelly Thompson taps into a feeling of insecurity which is intrinsic to the human nature and finds a way to speak to everyone. After reading it you’ll think back on it because of the powerful emotions it taps into.



The issue features art by Jenn St-Onge and colors by M. Victoria Robado. The two keep up the level of quality introduced in the previous issue and don’t falter for a moment. The designs of the younger version of Stormer featured in the flashback are adorable. Her body language at multiple ages throughout the book helps to showcase the vulnerability she often felt from the world judging her.


This issue offers a lot and really will hit close to home for many readers. It’s a story not just for fans of the Jem series but for anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable thanks to the world’s cynicism. It the kind of issue you wish you had multiple copies of so you could distribute them at the right moment because you know there will come a time when someone will be helped by the story inside.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Review: 'Jem: The Misfits' #2: Speaks To EveryoneAn issue which puts the vulnerability we all feel into perspective and makes you feel good for remembering not to give into how try to tear you down.