Review: ‘Jem and The Holograms’ #18: Bait And Switch

THE HOLOGRAMS struggle to come to grips with the emotional ramifications of Silica and their short tour gone wrong, The unsure what recent events mean for their band’s future. Is there even a future for JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS?


The previous issue promised things were going to change. This issue delivered on these promises, but not in the way many probably would have predicted. There is a definite change which will be affecting the series from here on, but it also employed the use of excellent set up and misdirection for what was actually coming to the group. Writer Kelly Thompson really succeeded in taking the story a totally different way, but still made sure to leave it with plenty of emotion for people to have the proper reaction to the entire things.

What is the big change? You’ll have to go read it for yourself. Though, as a small spoiler, the Stingers do show up again and it appears as if they will be a main part of the next story. The use of these new characters to shake things up will definitely have fans eager to read the next issue.




This issue features good character work, which is what makes the issue stand out most visually. Unfortunately, there is lot less holographic effects or pages of the bands performing than there were from previous issues. Jen Bartlet does a great job at the end of showing she can draw a great performance page, but a few more of these in the issue wouldn’t have hurt.


The issue has the perfect setup for change and, with the Stingers coming, things are only going to get worse for the group. This is a fantastic issue which fans will not want to miss out one. Especially as things won’t be the same from here on out.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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