Review: iZombie ‘Dead Housewife of Seattle’ – A Mixed Bag

Things are beginning to ramp up in iZombie! With Max Rager finally getting some love, other plotlines continued, and a certain character coming back, things are looking up for Season two!


Nearly every single plot line that has been introduced appeared in this episode, the only storyline that didn’t was Liv’s family, and boy does that add up to a wonderful addition to our season’s story. But, while ‘Read Dead Housewife of Seattle’ excelled in progressing our overarching story, as a stand alone episode it felt a little stale.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about bit about the main characters and plotlines, and how this episode has affected them.

First of all we have Ravi, who at the beginning of this episode mentions dating this ‘Stephanie’ character. I don’t remember this every being a thing before, but I doubt it’ll last very long. Considering…

Peyton’s back! Peyton is back and ready for business. We’ve learned that she’s leading the task force against Mr. Boss, which Blaine ‘persuaded’ the Mayor to start in the first place. Peyton’s also working on patching things up, sending cakes to Liv and having a heart-to-heart with Ravi. It’s clear that Peyton is going to have a huge effect on both our characters and the whole Utopium scene, speaking of which…

Major is still sniffing away at that Utopium, he’s clearly hooked. And despite how uncomfortable it makes him, Major is still keeping those zombies a sinkin’. Speaking of Majors employer…

Max Rager really is planning something evil. Just this episode we saw Du Clark having sex with wives, killer their husbands, and doing this strange yoga-like routine. We clearly have a villain on our hands. We’ve also learned something else shocking about this CEO, he has a certain relation to the secretary…

Speaking of the secretary, she really had a big role this episode. We learned Du Clark is her dad, she had a bigger presence as Liv’s roommate, and she’s making out with Major now. I guess I actually have to learn her name now. Gilda… hmm, she doesn’t really look like a Gilda, more of a… Leanne. Right? Well, at least Gilda is easier than calling her Max Rager’s CEO’s Secretary/Secret Daughter. Speaking of Max Rager…

Izombie body 1
Definitely a Leanne.

Guess who Liv saw at Max Rager? That’s right! Liv saw Major at Max Rager (Major at Max Rager… has a nice ring to it)! Liv was not to happy about that. I’d guess this means that eventually Liv is going to find out about Major’s zombie hunting activities, and his drug addiction. Probably the drugs first, if I were to guess. Liv went through some hard times this episode.

She saw Major at Max Rager (yep, still fun to say), saw the Prodigal Best Friend return, and found out her new best friend was actually a murderer. While things seem to look up at the end, this was a bad week for Liv to have such a sensitive and dramatic brain. Speaking of brains…

Liv’s persona this week was just as over-the-top as the previous weeks, if not more. Keeping in line with this new seasons quirk of more powerful brains. Last week I mentioned that I was worried these dramatic persona’s might wear out, and this episode gave that fear a little legitimacy. Don’t get me wrong, there were moment that elicited a hearty laugh, but other brought nothing but a cringe. This weeks Liv actually got a little annoying, which is both a first and a disappointment. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again.

As for the actual murder and solution, it also left us a little cold. The ‘murderer’ wasn’t foreshadowed at all and was more shock value than well-written. And it was suggested that she didn’t even do it, but it doesn’t matter because the possible real killer is dead, thanks Du Clark. Overall the mystery wasn’t intriguing, and the solution didn’t feel satisfactory. I can say without a doubt this episodes case was the weakest we’ve seen from the series so far.

izombie body 2
Yeah, this Liv? Not my favorite Liv

Overall this episode was a real mixed bag, what it did well it did really well, and what it didn’t do well it really didn’t do well.

GJ Corban
GJ Corban
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