JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #21 gives readers a deeper look into the Parliaments of Life and the very forces of death itself.

Review: Into The Heart Of The Rot In JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #21

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JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #21 hits comic book stores on Wednesday, March 25th, and it is a remarkable sequel to the story laid out in last issue. Readers will remember the League fought off a fungal invasion of Los Angeles, leading John Constantine and Zatanna to investigate the magical cause behind the outbreak. It seems the elemental forces of nature are warring with each other, and it’s up to our heroes to restore the balance.


The narrative takes readers straight into the heart of the Rot: Lewton Reformatory. It is here they hope to meet Abigail Arcane, an individual capable of tapping into the Rot. They plan to ask her to help them quell the raging Green and Red forces of life.

Zatanna and Constantine soon encounter the heart of the Rot. There they are confronted with a swarm of undead creatures, leading Constantine to jump ahead using magic in an attempt to confront Arcane. However, what he finds might be more than he bargained for.

Ram V’s script is perfectly paced, guiding readers from one unnerving scene to the next. Readers will hold their collective breath as they watch Constantine and Zatanna attempt to bargain with the very forces of death itself.


Alvaro Martínez Bueno‏’s penciling and Raul Fernandez’s ink work, combined with June Chung’s coloring and Rob Leigh’s lettering, effectively crafted an issue full of adventure and horror. The details on the fungi and monsters, varying shades of purple in the Rot, and eery font for the word balloons set the tone for this intriguing issue.

Comic Covers

Main Cover

Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn’s main cover features our heroes taking on the revitalized monsters of the Rot. This shows the overwhelming forces that are attempting to invade our world.

Variant Cover

Clayton Crain’s variant cover is similar to the main cover, but it uses darker tones to create a sense of mystery.


JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #21 gives readers a deeper look into the Parliaments of Life and the very forces of death itself. We’re anxious to see how this storyline plays out.

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