ICE CREAM MAN #21 takes readers on a journey through a man's existential despair in a thrilling tale of suspense and horror.

Review: ICE CREAM MAN #21 Answers Questions But Pulls Readers In Further

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ICE CREAM MAN #21 hits comic book stores on Wednesday, November 18th, presenting readers with one of the series’ most unsettling issues yet. This suspenseful story follows a man who goes by Detective Kowalski through an investigation of a missing person: Bert Cohen. But unbeknownst to our protagonist is the fact that Cohen was abducted by a mysterious cult—one who worships the “Spider King.” Will readers, and Kowalski, discover the secrets of this organization?


The opening scene of the story brings readers into a darkened room with the missing Cohen bound (naked) before mysterious hooded figures. What’s notable right is his professed job title: ice cream man. From the get-go, we see this unfortunate soul may be a pawn in the nefarious Ice Cream Man’s game.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Cohen’s ultimate fate as the following panels focus in on Kowalski and the wife of the victim. She expresses what appears to be genuine concern for her missing husband—a sight the detective isn’t used to. We soon learn he is living in constant regret and fear due to a failing marriage.

Writer W. Maxwell Prince takes readers on a journey through Kowalski’s double-life—one side drowning in existential despair while the other loses itself in work. What’s more, this relatable phenomenon is captured in a thrilling tale of suspense and horror. Kowalski finds himself running away from an ever encroaching despair, but does he know what he’s running into?


Martín Morazzo’s penciling and ink work, Chris O’Halloran’s coloring, and Good Old Neon’s lettering did a fantastic job of setting the tone for this issue. The eery scenes, constructed with thin lines and darkened backdrops, successfully add an ominous tone. In addition, the curvy and slanted fonts foster a sense of uncertainty within readers. These elements work together in spectacular fashion.


ICE CREAM MAN #21 finally gives readers more information about the titular figure. But how many people have to suffer before he’s revealed?

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