POST AMERICANA #4 ups the ante tenfold.

Review: Help Comes From Unlikely Places In POST AMERICANA #4

POST AMERICANA #4, available in stores on Wednesday, March 24th, sees the meeting of our resistance heroes and a mighty death squad sent by the President. The group found Carolyn’s mother enslaved at the hands of the government last issue, meaning she could offer assistance if freed. But pitting five people against the elite forces of the American government almost guarantees a losing battle. Can anyone save them?


In this issue’s first panels, readers find themselves in the recent past. Carolyn is a child and her mother sits with her on the borders of their Redhill community. Her mother’s words helps readers see what kind of hero she is—one who’s willing to get her hands dirty in order to protect the vulnerable.

Back in the present, the reunion of this particular mother and daughter pair could not have been more fitting. In a blaze of action, Carolyn confronts her mother’s captures, murdering them on the spot.

The reconciliation of these two is a refreshing change of pace amidst of all the bloodshed. We see that underneath all of her toughness lies a girl who missed her mom. But their moment together is cut short by a group of the nefarious President’s soldiers. Fortunately, the sudden appearance of Night Terror and Donny throws a wrench in the government’s plans.

Steve Skroce’s narrative is well-paced, thrilling, and full of raw emotion. Seeing Carolyn, her mother, Mike, and the rest of the resistance stand strong against their oppressors is awe inspiring.


Skroce’s penciling and ink work offers more gore in this issue than any of the previous installments. The depictions of severed limbs and explosions help set the extreme tones laid throughout the narrative. These stunning illustrations are filled out with bright reds and earthen shades, courtesy of colorist Dave Stewart. In addition, Fonografiks’s lettering did a great job of employing onomatopoeia words that mesh well stylistically with the illustrations themselves.


POST AMERICANA #4 ups the ante tenfold. The mother-daughter reunion, bloody fight scenes, and escalating tensions with ‘post-America’ make this an issue readers won’t want to miss.

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Corey Patterson
Corey Patterson
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POST AMERICANA #4 ups the ante tenfold.Review: Help Comes From Unlikely Places In POST AMERICANA #4