Review: Harbinger #1 – Simply awesome!

Issue: Harbinger #1
Writer: Joshua Dysart
Pencils: Khari Evans
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Release Date: 6/6/2012

The return of the Valiant Universe continues as the first superhero legend of the moderna age is reborn, from New York Times bestselling author Joshua Dysart and Harvey Award-winner Khari Evans. Read Minds, Bend Steel, Break All The Rules Teenager Peter Stenchek si out of work, on the skids, and — unbeknownest to him — a psionic-powered ‘harbinger’ with the potential to reshape the course of human history. Toyo Harada is a wealthy business magnate, a respecte philanthropist, and the most powerful harbinger of all — or so he thought. As they forge an uneasy alliance, with Harada offer Peter a chance for redemption — or attempt to induct him into a secret network of conspiracy, subversion, and control? Peter is about to discover that he’s not alone in the world and, soon, the generation who has nothing will take on the man who has everything.

Story: 9.5/10 • Artwork: 9.5/10 • Overall 9.5/10
I want a Harbinger movie now! Harbinger #1 works on so many levels because of art, story and colors.

Harbinger #1 is an origin story of epic proportion. Peter Stanchek is your main character, high school age with amazing powers. Then there are the two sides that want Peter, Mr. Tull who evokes memories of Agent Smith from the “Matrix” and Mr. Harada who seems to be on the side of good.

Harbinger reminds me of all the reasons I loved the first “Matrix” so much. A normal guy tossed into an insane world with the potential of badass action scenes. Hopefully Harbinger #2 will not be like “Matrix” 2 or 3.

Joshua Dysart does a great job of keeping the story grounded and gritty. At first you think this is a John Hughes film with super-powers but then Dysart turns it up to eleven and you can’t wait for issue two. All the characters in the story work and don’t seemed forced. Dysart writing gives the reader a sense of Peter’s desperation for normal. When Peter attempted to find this normal, you feel for him and understand what he is doing. This is all works because Dysart’s. In 22-pages Dysart lays out the series for you without spoiling or rushing through characters. The joy that is coming in Harbinger, is watching the five main characters develop and waiting for the plot twists to unfold.

Khari Evans’ art and Ian Hannin’s colors make this book a home run! The details in every panel are amazing and the color choices are dead on. Harbinger #1 shifts the story from past to present, from Far East to Pittsburg and Evans and Hannin deliver on every scene. Again, there is a powerful moment in the book (page 16) with Peter and the decision he makes. This page works so well because everything on the page comes together at the right moment because of story, art and colors.

Valiant brings the A-game with Harbinger #1, can’t wait for the second issue!

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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