REVIEW: Gundam IBO “ep. 4” – Cool Military Guys

Another satisfying episode of Gundam IBO, for the most part at least. Things are progressing nicely to where I’m just waiting on baited breath for the first bullet to fire. This episode is one of those breath holding episode’s which lays continues to lay groundwork for when the shit in Gundam IBO will go down.

Episode Summary

Orga is organizing things with the transport of Kudelia. Meanwhile Mikazuki, Kudelia and Biscuit are helping Biscuits grandma pick corn. Also it seems there is some discord in the ranks of Gallanhorn and a young officer Mcgillis is trying to get to the bottom of the attack that occurred on CGS.

Episode Thoughts

So last week I talked about how they were moving through slowly so we can get to know these characters when everything ready. Well its the same for this week. Although this week we get to look at a different perspective of the story. The blonde Gallanhorn officer Mcgiillis showed up a couple of times but now were getting to spend some time with him. Right now I don’t really know whether he’ll be a good guy or an enemy. It seems like he’s playing the fence and just wants to figure out whats going on with Gallanhorn’s dysfunction. His moral high ground is fresh considering the orphans lacking of said high ground, and Kudelia’s wishy-washy attitude. His character and position are made clear and his presence is interesting enough to stand against Orga and Mikazuki, good job.


Mikazuki is still as crazy as ever as he barely strangles Gaelio, Mcgillis’ escort, to death. I think they are hinting at his ruthlessness seeming from some sort of fear, but it’s really hard to tell. His conversations with Kudelia don’t really help either because they’re usually talking about her indecisiveness on what to do. Once we get some back story I’m sure all his actions will make more sense but for now its just compelling to see how far gone he is.

One thing I did notice this week is that there was a lot of off modeling and downgraded artwork. I think I remember Gundam 00 being this way in parts, but that was like six years ago. Gundam IBO seems to be looking worse than that at some points. It might be some production issues but if this continues its really going to bother me. It’s at the point where you can’t really avoid telling it looks shitty. If you’ve seen the episode you know what scenes I’m talking about.

Like I said this episode was a held breath before the exhale. It seems like their space ship is getting ready to move, so we should be getting into space soon. Plus our opposing main leads have met so we have some heavy conflict of morals sure to follow. Gundam IBO has built up some amazing characters and a great setting along with a plot that is all too easy to understand. Now we just have to wait how they do with some major conflicts. I have no doubt it will be amazing.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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