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The ramifications of the previous episode of Gundam Build Divers are shown in detail and it is slowly helping to rebuild the quality of the entire series.


As the Build Divers search for Sarah, Riku is cornered and is forced to battle the Orge.


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It’s hard to believe just two episodes ago this series had hit such a low point. The series has decided to put out all the stops and ensure the plot has consequences moving forward. All of GBN knows Sarah is the cause of the recent bugs and has essentially branded her public enemy number one.

The most compelling aspect of this twist with the plot is how everyone reacts to it. Though many are sympathetic to the plight of the Build Divers for their comrade, others know Sarah is a danger to the network. Instead of simply having a wrong or right side to this argument, a lot of deeper elements are addressed and the discussion isn’t as cut and dry as one would think it would be.

Gundam Build Divers

The rematch between Riku and Orge also lives up to the hype and seems to channel some of the more intense fight from back in Gundam Build Fighters. Both combatants fight to the fullest with Orge intent on discovering if Riku is a worthy opponent but Riku himself more worried about finding Sarah before anyone else does. This battle felt intense and wat only part of the great draw of the episode but not only reason worth watching it.

With only three episodes to you, the series is buildings towards a great ending. Keep it up Gundam Build Divers. You might just be able to secure an above average or maybe even very good rating as a series.

Gundam Build Divers is Streaming on The GundamInfo YouTube Channel.