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There apparently is evidence to show Gundam Build Divers is not doing so hot in the ratings and could be one of the worst Gundam shows in recent years. While this is not the case overall, episodes like this do not help to dispute this claim.


The girls of team Build Divers and Nanami participate in a tournament.


While the previous episode touched on using an existing episode themes and were able to make it just as entertaining, this one fails miserably. Having a similar format to episodes in both Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try, where ladies only events took place, this one becomes the lesser of all three.

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Why? Simply, purpose. With Gundam Build Fighters you got a chance to see China grow as a character and experience what it was like to pilot and train with a Gunpla. The entire episode was looking at how she was able to discover the passion for Gunpla Tournaments. In Gundam Build Fighters Try, the episode focused on Mirai and her dedication to become an idol. This is expressed for her having to participate the Gundam event and express compassion for the Gunpla she made.

Gundam Build Divers

Here though you have the female cast doing things which are related to Gundam but there is no purpose other than trying to win a meaningless competition. The closest purpose is Nanami finally enters the Gundam Build Network but there is no drama over her trying it out. Sure, Nanami wishing to win the competition to be an icon could have been meaningful if it was addressed any sooner but this was never established. Instead all of the female members of the team are competing just because they think it’s fun and want the fame.

Just as Gundam Build Divers was establishing itself just a little bit more on par with others shows, an episode like this comes along and lowers the average for the entire series. The cast can do better and the fans deserved. What gives Sunrise? You were able to make an engaging episode where Riku fights his teacher and one where were Yukki bonded with a rival teammate but you were unable to give the female cast do anything except take Instagram photos and just be comedical? You are better than this Sunrise.

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