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After having the worst episode of the series so far, Gundam Build Divers needs to kick the plot into high gear if they want to prepare for the finale. Do they succeed or is it more wasted potential?


The secret of Sarah is revealed and the Build DIvers will have no choice but to deal with the truth.



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So Sarah’s secret is finally revealed. It’s best if the information is actually heard so the spoiler will not be the discussing Sarah’s origin. Instead, it is how the the reveal becomes the true turning point for the ending of the series.

Gundam Build Divers

In the course of the episode, the administrators of the GBN become aware Sarah is the cause of all the recent disasters which have been taken place since the Break Decals were stopped. Instead of handling it internally they decide to let the entire network know she is the problem, essentially making her public enemy number one. This means the rest of the series will be dedicated to the Build Divers having to find a way to defend Sarah against the entire network. Congratulations Gundam Build Divers. You finally found what you were missing: Stakes.

The best part of the original Gundam Build Fighters was the battles actually had consequences. This dynamic was lost in the later series Gundam Build Fighters Try. By adding ramifications to the team’s fight, it makes the battles moving forward much more essential and adds to the anticipation.

Gundam Build Divers has taken a powerful step to recover and actually make the series worth watching. Don’t lose the momentum moving forward. All it needs to is have intense battle for the rest of the series and wrap up with an incredible ending.

Gundam Build Divers is Streaming on The GundamInfo YouTube Channel.