Monkeys Fighting Robots

The latest episode of Gundam Build Divers features the debut of Riku’s new machine the 00 Sky. Does the new machine inject some energy into the series after a less than stellar previous episode?


The Build Divers attempt a near impossible challenge in hopes of winning some prize money with the help of Riku’s new mech.


One of the best aspects of Gundam Build Divers is what the setting of the GBN network has to offer. In this episode the team is presented with a challenge which forces them to plan in detail how they are going to approach the situation. The team takes into account the best place to launch their mission, selects the right mode of transportation, and is able to fly into space all in the course of a single episode. Thanks to establishing how enormous the GBN is this doesn’t seem unthinkable or impossible and instead the audience needs only sit back and enjoy the ride.

The highlight of the episode comes as Riku gets the chance to debut the 00 Sky in combat. Of course because it is the first outing of the suit it is shown to be beast which has no equal. Or at least for the moment it has no equal. It will be interesting to see what massive opponent will have to show up to counter such a powerful machine.

This episode offers a fun and light way to make up for the lack of action which came from the previous episode. It also helps to move the characters forward in a new direction. With all the attention the team got from taking part in the challenge everyone in the GBN will want a piece of them in the future.

Gundam Build Divers is streaming on the Gundam Info Youtube Channel and Crunchyroll.