A world in peril, cataclysmic disaster, and a massive amount of deaths might make Greenland hit home for some more than others.
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Review: GREENLAND Brings Formulaic Disaster

A world in peril, cataclysmic disaster, and a massive amount of deaths might make Greenland hit home for some more than others. Any disaster centered film this year will have everyone’s attention should they choose to tune in. Greenland isn’t a must watch, but it’s still an adequate film that many can relate to this year.

Greenland has a lot of positive messages about family and hoping for the best during difficult times, but the family at the center of this film is completely uninteresting. The film is fast paced, emotionally draining, and a visual treat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end in the best way, and the characters we focus on are forgettable. Directed by Ric Roman Waugh and written by Chris Sparling, Greenland stars Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, David Denman, Scott Glenn, Roger Dale Floyd, and Andrew Bachelor. In the film, fragments from a comet are set to hit earth in a few days, and will lead to the extinction of humanity.

Morena Baccarin and Gerard Butler in Greenland

This felt very formulaic, but in a good way, which is rare. Most of that can be attributed to the great performances given in the film. Greenland follows John Garrity (Butler), a man trying to atone for his infidelity, as he travels across the country to save his family from the pending extinction. That’s all we are given about John, and then we have his wife, Allison (Baccarin), who is struggling to let him back in. Minor details for everyone, and the little progression for them both is ending up back together. While minimal, the script provides enough detail for you to slightly care about the Garrity’s.

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Greenland has two solid first acts, and then crumbles slightly in the third. You have your typical global news alert, a visual spectacle of carnage, and tension that just keeps building throughout. Some of the logic involved is laughable and should have been reevaluated. Still, when it comes to disaster films, this is up there on the rare list of good ones. The performances from Butler and Baccarin are amazing. It really comes down to these two giving it their all to make you care about this family because without the performances, the Garrity’s are boring. If one film would benefit from a theater release, it’s Greenland.

Gerard Butler as John in Greenland

At this point, Butler seems to portray the same character in every film he’s in because once again he finds himself tasked with saving the world, or saving his family from the world in this case. Surprisingly, this apocalyptic film features a rare child performance that doesn’t upset you. Floyd stars as Nathan Garrity, John’s son, and his performance is perfect for a kid in this type of scenario. The script never makes him unbearable, and Floyd does a great job showcasing the terror and sadness any child would feel during this.

As mentioned, Waugh does a terrific job getting viewers on the edge of their seat. Once the carnage starts, you won’t be looking away because he reels you in. Both the tension and suspense are relentless, but he does take a few pit stops along the way. Also, there is a thrilling score incorporated by David Buckley, and this helps raise the emotions this film wants you to feel. In terms of visuals, there was just a single instance towards the end involving a crash that was absolutely atrocious.

Comet Destroys Land In Greenland

Greenland is definitely going to be received as an exaggerated depiction of whats currently unfolding across the world. Not out to make a point, just a typical disaster film with more heart than others. Its been pulled from its planned release date, but many will find something to enjoy from this formulaic disaster film when it is finally released.

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Eric Trigg
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A world in peril, cataclysmic disaster, and a massive amount of deaths might make Greenland hit home for some more than others.Review: GREENLAND Brings Formulaic Disaster