This series will definitely be one to watch in the new year.

Review: ‘Godshaper’ #1 Forms Something New

Written by Eisner Award-nominated writer Simon Spurrier (The Spire, X-Men Legacy) and illustrated by breakout talent Jonas Goonface, Godshaper introduces a vast world where there’s a god for every person and a person for every god…though for Ennay, unfortunately exceptions may apply. People like him are Godshapers, godless social pariahs with the ability to mold and shape the gods of others. Paired with Bud, an off-kilter but affectionate god without a human, the two travel from town to town looking for shelter, a hot meal, and the next paying rock ‘n’ roll gig.


When the world loses electricity, people have no choice but find another source of power. In the case of Godshaper, everyone has their own God. A God is an energy being which holds a person’s money, protects them, and is their right hand companion. If you don’t have one though, it can suck pretty bad as it marks you as a “shaper.” It’s in this new set-up that an intriguing world is presented.

Ennay is a shaper who is treated like society’s trash, but luckily he is not alone. He has Bud, a relict, a god of a dead person. Together the two of them have a pretty good system worked out. Ennay works as a shaper and distracts the customer while Bud sneaks in the back and robs the place. It’s a heartwarming story of two beings who are down on their luck and are just trying to make it in the world. The story is so engaging that, by the end of the first issue, you will be engrossed in the overall plot.

Writer Simon Spurrier has created a great premise in this new series. He also portrays true sympathy for characters who are down on their luck. It’s the perfect series for anyone looking for a series with an independent feel to it.



Jonas Goonface colors and illustrates the entire issue. His work helps the book to have a very unique and fascinating style to it, especially with the gods. These creatures range from simple to very complex. Also, there is a perfect use of color to help to convey emotions in different scenes.


Godshaper is a series which presents a fresh world with a lot to explore in it. This series will easily find an audience and could become one of best titles of 2017. The first issue is a definite must read and leaves the audience in anticipation for the next installment.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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This series will definitely be one to watch in the new year. Review: 'Godshaper' #1 Forms Something New