GOD OF WAR: FALLEN GOD #3 raises more questions than it answers, but this keeps us coming back for more.

Review: GOD OF WAR: FALLEN GOD #3 Brings The Rage

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GOD OF WAR: FALLEN GOD #3, available in comic book stores on Wednesday, May 5th, features another set of monumental challenges for Kratos. Running from the challenges facing the demigod clearly isn’t working, so he’s decided to unleash his rage once again. As a result, this issue features a version of Kratos longtime series fans will love.


Much like in previous issues,¬†Chris Roberson’s narrative follows Kratos across a series of trials. Despite defeating the Chaos Beast moments before, an even greater monster takes its place.

What purpose do these monsters serve? Who is sending them to Kratos? These are the questions readers continue to ask.

Whatever lesson Kratos is meant to learn, it’s a abundantly clear that the answer is unclear. And that’s arguably Robertson’s intention. Kratos believes he has served his purpose in the world, which is why he ran away from these challenges in the first place. But tapping into his uncontrollable rage seems to be the only path forward.


Tony Parker’s penciling and ink work, Dan Jackson’s coloring, and Jimmy Betancourt of Comiccraft’s lettering crafted thrilling, action-packed illustrations worthy of the God of War. The details on the Chaos Beasts are exceptional, ranging from its harsh scales to its terrifying claws. These features are brought to life by a mix of bright and dark hues to create stark contrasts. And the lettering fits in well with the images; they’re placed well around Kratos to frame his form.


GOD OF WAR: FALLEN GOD #3 raises more questions than it answers, but this keeps us coming back for more.

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