Review: Glass Mask Episode 6 ‘My Beth’ – Small Revelations

Last episode, Glass Mask proved that it can deliver suspenseful, fantastic showdowns, now it’s set to prove that it can pull off the smaller conflicts, the ones with lower stakes in ‘My Beth’.

Review of Glass Mask Episode 6 ‘My Beth’

After her successful spat against Ayumi in Episode 5, Maya has moved on to other things, like actually being in a play, well, a lead in a play.

The episode primarily starts with a date between Maya and Sakurakouji, at least, he thinks it’s a date. Really, you gotta pity poor Sakurakouji, Maya’s attention was completely grasped by the play, even after the curtains closed. Totally oblivious to his attempt at dinner, Maya ends the date early. This further plays to the characteristic of Maya totally immersing herself in plays while also adding some character drama revolved around this character aspect.


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The roles for Little Women has been cast, and Maya has the role of Beth. The first in conflict has begun, between Maya and Sayaka, who is really bitter about not getting the role of Beth. There really isn’t much depth to this conflict, just one girl wanting the role of another. What makes ‘My Beth’ interesting is how Maya overcome this obstacle.

For the first time in the series, Maya tries her hand at Method Acting and living as Beth for a week. What is kinda shocking is the response from her peers, all confused that Maya is living like Beth. Heck, even the acting teacher doesn’t understand the technique!

I would like to highlight a moment. Early into the episode, the acting teacher rants about a specific moment in the play, when Beth wants to ask about the piano but instead cuddles the kitten instead. Revealing the shy nature of Beth’s character. While Maya is living as Beth, and Sayaka has replaced Maya in rehearsals we get a payoff to that scene. The others and Sayaka are practicing that very same scene, when Sayaka looks outside to see Maya, as Beth, playing with a kitten. While it’s difficult to derive some large meaning from this scene, about the nature of acting or some sort, it is a clear payoff to the scene earlier. A subtle way of showing us how Maya is more like Beth now.

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The kitten will never be seen again

Finally, I would like to make mention of Tsukikage and her teaching techniques. While is certainly is troubling, Tsukikage can be very harsh and even abusive, it also is exactly what is needed. Here’s an example for each.

When Maya and the gang began to rehearse Little Women, the mood was very cheerful, happy, contentful, as they set everything up and began to practice. But when Tsukikage joined to help them practice, that cheerful atmosphere was shattered, the music was dark and gloomy, and the montage was full of criticisms and scowling faces. At this moment Tsukikage is not doing her job as needed, she is too harsh.

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This show can be really cheesy sometimes.

However, it would Tsukikage that had Maya live as Beth for a week, clearly no one else would have even considered it.  We don’t know if Maya will pass, but it seems positive. This moment helps establish early on that despite Tsukikage’s teaching flaws, she is exactly what Maya needs to become the amazing actress we all know she is going to be.

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