Review: ‘Ghostbusters: International’ #6: Viva Ortiz!

There’s something strange going on in Puerto Rico, and the FBI wants it investigated! Egon Spengler joins Kylie Griffin and FBI Special Agent Mel Ortiz on the Isle of Enchantment to chase down a gruesome ghoul that could be even worse than it appears! A special stand-alone issue featuring the artwork of British phenom Rachael Stott (Star Trek, Doctor Who)!


The Ghostbusters continue their international trip. This time the group who stayed behind heads to Puerto Rico. There, the Ghostbusters’ FBI liaison Mel Ortiz gets a chance to shine and showcase just how her talents are invaluable to the team. It’s always a welcoming site to see character moments in a team book as it can sometime be difficult for them to shine without the assistance of the regular cast.

Egon also returns to action in this issue. After being put on the bench thanks to an injury, he is able to take the trip with Ortiz and Kylie. Unfortunately the entire issue is a side story and doesn’t help to move the main story of the miniseries forward.



The art is eye catching but is hindered from its better moments. As always the detail work with the different ghosts really steal the show. In comparison though, some of the panels where it’s just the crew by themselves aren’t nearly as memorable. It’s nothing against Rachael Stott’s art as it’s just the sharp contrast which aids to make the ghosts be so impressive in their design. It can’t be helped – this effect can sometimes make the humans look less striking.


This issue offers good characters work but it’s still a side story. Of course with Stott as a guest artist, it really helps to sell it as such. Still, it doesn’t help with disproving the idea of this series being an excuse to send the team to international locations. It’s fun but the miniseries is half over and it’s weighing on more of an entertain experience than an integral read.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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